WHY Yard of the Week?

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Tips for Success

Yard of the Week – How to Make the Contest Succeed

  1. In the first year, police support is important to the contest success. Establishing “good will” is the ticket to the beginning, for often, neighborhood residents have little reason to “trust” authority!

  2. Tax map sheets are available through your county tax office, with street addresses of all households in neighborhoods selected for contest implementation. Develop a database of these addresses for mailing contest announcement notices to residents. First notice should be sent mid-March.

  3. Kinko’s does our printing and Fast Signs does our signs. Copies of materials and designs for signs are available to you for easy duplication.

  4. A couple magnetic car signs bearing the “Yard of the Week” name should be made to attach to the vehicle(s) driven by the Contest Coordinator. This will not only serve to promote the Contest, but will make the vehicle easily identifiable to residents.

  5. Encourage all winners at all levels to display signs throughout the remainder of the contest years. This helps contest recognition and promotion and builds desire among residents to become winners! It’s like a “mini diploma.”

  6. A neighborhood celebration like a block party or cookout in a common area is a great way to promote unity and support for the YOTW Contest for the next year.

  7. Be patient! Not much happens until midway through the first contest year of judging. Then it catches on like wild fire!