WHY Yard of the Week?

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Camden RV Park


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Catch the Yard of the Week Spring Fever in 2011!

Organize a contest in a neighborhood and watch as hope and pride take root. At first, you may well wonder “this will never work!” But put yourself in the place of the majority of the folk in the area where you are planning the contest they will welcome you with wide open hearts!

And don’t become discouraged and think of quitting. You will have begun the turn of a neighborhood that has been going in a dismal path for years and years…so just give it a few weeks. Week Number 5! You will see and feel a difference…more and more people will begin to take interest and it will show up in large piles of trash from back yards, new hoses, new flowering plants, and people working on their yards on Saturday mornings. Week Number 8, you will be having a hard time with the judging…there will be lots of pretty yards.

Remember that this effort is the first collective positive thing to happen to this area in years and years…and remember to think “what if it was my neighborhood?”

If you have any questions that are not clearly answered, e-mail me and I will call you via telephone, or come to where you are to take a look.