WHY Yard of the Week?

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Camden RV Park


Yard of the Week Contest – Bringing America Back to America!

Simply put, the Yard of the Week Contest exists to promote safer, cleaner and healthier neighborhoods through friendly competition! It’s about making people feel good about who they are and where they live. It’s about igniting those “inside forces” that bring success and happiness! Where negative elements like litter, loitering, poor public service, crime, violence, drug and gang activity exist to tear down communities, our aim is to empower residents to take back control of their streets, one yard at a time.

It sounds simple, but the YOTW Contest track record since 1996 (actually to 1972) is proof it works! It happens in the spring of the year, starting with just one neighborhood resident with a winning spirit who believes he/she can make a difference. Then you see and hear the signs of change – mowers crank, rakes and hoses appear, and the next thing you know…flowers are blooming! Yard by yard, the beauty and pride a neighborhood once knew is revived! So very simple!

As residents scramble to gain control of their yards, everything else in their lives tends to come under the same positive control! A new hope is awakened and it prevails to chase away blight and despair and anything that would detract from the place people want to feel proud to call home.

NS 2022-03-09